Soaring temperatures – an OH&S issue and a vital KPI

This week’s blistering weather around the country has created a serious OH&S issue for many businesses.  But it’s also a great reminder of the types of things Bizeo is designed to monitor.

I have a colleague who runs engineering workshops. These workshop buildings are often tin sheds, so the temperature inside the workshop is often much higher that outside.

He told me that, once the workshop temperature hits 40 degrees Celsius, they have to close the workshop down and move staff into air-conditioned offices to perform other functions.

The problem he faces is that the administrators who make the decision to close down are isolated from the staff in the workshops. They really have no idea what the real temperature is in there.

With Bizeo, he can connect a group of temperature sensors to the Wi-Fi network to monitor working conditions at various locations – even remote facilities.  This gives him and other managers automatic control over the situation, and staff aren’t required to sit around watching a thermometer!

Bizeo monitoring temperatures in Sydney

Bizeo monitoring recent temperatures in Sydney

This is one example of Bizeo not just taking dashboard-style data but connecting to Internet-enabled hardware (sensors and devices). This machine-to-machine connection is referred to as ‘the Internet of things’ and it’ll be one of the change factors of 2013.

I’ll write more about the Internet of things in future blog posts and discuss it at the upcoming Bizeo launch event. I’d love to see you there!

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