Facing disaster with Bizeo

What a week! All of us in the Bizeo team hope that all of you in Queensland are safe and dry after the damaging winds and flooding over the past week.

For many of us, including me, the effects of ex-cyclone Oswald brought back vivid memories of another stressful time – the 2011 floods. (Read my previous blog post, The Story of Bizeo: From Disaster to Inspiration for that story!)

But this time things were different — this time, I had Bizeo. As the developer of this technology, I finally got to see firsthand how my new invention would fair in a real, live disaster. And I know for a fact that the wild weather over the Australia Day weekend would’ve been a lot more stressful for me had it not been for Bizeo.

Like many in Brisbane, I was hit with power outages at my home. Additionally, the Council listed the street where our business is located as one of those likely to flood (not surprisingly, after 2011!).

Over that weekend, 110,000 homes and several thousand businesses lost power, and many suffered water damage as well.

Me, my candelabra and Bizeo during the blackout

Me, my candelabra and Bizeo during the blackout

What made it easier to bear was being able to see the green Bizeo indicator on my phone the whole time.  I knew then that I didn’t have to worry about our servers and websites. I knew that we would have power when we turned up at the office the next morning; that our internet connections and phone lines were ok; and that I wouldn’t have to make a treacherous journey in the driving rain to find this out.

If something had gone wrong, Bizeo would’ve told me exactly what it was and enabled me to prepare my staff to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Today I’m so proud of what my team has created. Looking out my office window at all the other companies around us, I wonder how many of them don’t know about Bizeo yet. I can’t wait to tell them.

On a weekend like that, a monitoring system like Bizeo pays for itself many times over.


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