The Internet of things – The future is here!

The ‘Internet of things’ – have you heard this phrase yet? If not, you’re going to hear it a lot in the near future.

What is the Internet of things?

It’s all about M2M or machine-to-machine talking – devices that are linked to the internet, rather than just people. Computers are now collecting data themselves without human oversight. It’s pretty exciting stuff!

Fridges, house alarms and printers all used to be isolated. Now they can be internet-enabled.

Alarms are a great example – they can now have a mobile phone chip and be connected to the Internet. But there are others:

  • fridges (that can give you recipes)
  • ovens (that can message you when you’ve left it on)
  • wrist watches (with sensors to track your heart rate, calorie usage etc)
  • TVs (that can learn what you like and automatically record programs for you – even things you didn’t know you liked)
  • thermostats (that learn what temperature you like relative to the outside temperature. It knows if no one is there and turns off. You can even use your phone to turn it on before you arrive).

M2M for business

While this is all nice in a personal sense, this technology isn’t just about creature comforts. This technology has an important business application. For example, the smart thermostat can reduce energy during peak electricity usage.

Businesses that can potentially gain are those that depend on:

  • power supply
  • internet
  • freezer storage
  • alarm systems
  • safe work places
  • equipment failures.

If your business depends on a machine, you’ll now know when it’s failed, such as a cold room. You can monitor the power to the fridge and the temperature inside the cold room. This information is vital for businesses such as restaurants, pharmacies and laboratories.

In manufacturing, this technology can monitor gas, power supply, machine temperatures, productions rates and more. You don’t need someone watching the thermostat on the walls in all your locations – activity is centralised rather than local.

I saw a great opportunity for this technology at the Woodford Folk Festival recently. I noticed that their ADSL depended on the power supply, which was in a shed down the back of the property. They really needed a way to monitor the power supply remotely (instead of having someone traipse down the property to the shed to check it once people started complaining). Now they can.

What could your business monitor?

These examples only point to some possibilities – your business is unique. Amazing opportunities are open to your particular business.

But don’t get overwhelmed by all this! It seems a lot to take in at first glance. But that’s why we created Bizeo. The point of this technology is to monitor more things but reduce complexity at the same time. It would be useless if it increased your stress levels and time commitments! Who needs that?

Bizeo is groundbreaking because it’s ahead of the game – it’s all over the Internet of things. It allows you to monitor all the devices and machines you like. You don’t need different monitoring systems to monitor them all – Bizeo pulls them all together.

So, if you run a business that depends on machines, find out all you can about the Internet of things. It’s a really exciting development that’ll give you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

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