Live data sources at a glance

As you continue to explore the possibilities of Bizeo, you’ll realise that those possibilities really are endless. (That’s one reason I created this blog – to ensure that you’re aware of everything that your fabulous new tool is capable of!)

One feature you should definitely explore is how Bizeo can connect to various live data sources, such as video camera feeds, websites, weather maps and dashboard systems.

What can you see?

Many video camera systems and webcams available on the internet can be set up to have their own URL as well.

For example, with my partner working at the University of Chicago, I can access the university’s webcams to see for myself how much snow is on the ground.

Chicago snow

If you have security cameras set up around your organisation, you can access those through Bizeo as well:

Office camera

You can link stock prices to the Yahoo finance page – corresponding with that stock.  You can also link to many dashboards and CRM systems that are available online.

How to do it

You can link to all your favourite live data sources simply by using the ‘Link’ option when you add or edit a task in Bizeo.

Bizeo live data source link

You can add any URL to this field. (A URL is usually a link to a website, or a path to a web service or system.)

For example, to see the current weather maps, you can type in the link to the Bureau of Meteorology URL, e.g. This link gives you the Brisbane weather radar feed.

If your organisation is heavily dependent on weather, this is one you should definitely have in your collection.

Bureau of Meteorology weather radar of Brisbane

Once you start thinking about it, you’ll probably come up with plenty of live data sources you need or would like at your fingertips – for business and for fun. (Because I don’t really need to know how much snow has fallen in Chicago, but I love that I can check it out!)

Use your imagination and let us know if you come up with something new or particularly useful. Better still, post it on our Facebook page so everyone can find out about it.

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