Google Analytics—without the overload

Why Google Analytics is great

If you’re a keen reader of my blog posts, you’ll know how much I love to measure things. So it’s probably not surprising that I think Google Analytics is an amazing tool.

Google Analytics tells you everything you want to know about your website:

  • where visitors come from
  • how long they spend on your site
  • what they click on
  • where they go to
  • and much more.

As I said, it’s an amazing tool—in trained hands. The problem is that it’s also pretty typical of the business dashboards that most business owners encounter.

How business owners (don’t) use Google Analytics

When I ask business owners about Google Analytics, I find that most have heard about it. In fact, most are pretty sure they’re using it. However, none are actually looking at the statistics themselves.

Why? Because it’s just too hard.

While they’re interested in how their websites and marketing investments are going, Google Analytics provides too many options. They also need to log in each time and, annoyingly, Google frequently changes the interface so things are never where they were last time they saw it.

A screen shot of the Google Analytics dashboard

Google Analytics dashboard

Yet this tool can provide a wealth of critical detail that most business owners would like to know, such as:

  • How many people visit our site?
  • Are visitor numbers increasing or decreasing?
  • Are people spending more or less time on our website?
  • How much are we spending on Google advertising?
  • Is our web strategy producing results?

These questions show that business owners typically don’t want to do detailed analysis—they have specialists for that! Instead, they want to keep an eye on general trends and the primary KPIs to answer the basic questions: Is what we’re doing effective or not?  Are we spending too much or too little?

They want this information without having to deal with the complexity of the Google Analytics dashboard.

This is one of the great problems that Bizeo solves.

Where Bizeo comes in

First of all, Bizeo can bypass the Google Analytics interface to deliver these KPIs inside Bizeo!

No need to remember the Google login details, no ever-changing interface and no complex menus to navigate. Just simple business KPIs like all the others that Bizeo manages—and alerts, of course, just in case your KPIs go out of range.

Graph of Bizeo showing information simply.

You can also combine these stats with a whole range of other important things you want to watch.

Of course, monitoring whether your website is up or down is important, as is your Alexa Site Ranking, which tells you how popular your site is measured against all other websites on the internet. The specific ranking is less important than the trend.

Bizeo has several KPI packages for Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Alexa ranking, uptime monitoring and much more. Each of these can be put in place at no extra charge and delivers this key information directly to you.

There’s no doubt that Google Analysis is a great tool when it’s in trained hands. But the rest of us can let Bizeo can do all the work and deliver the results. It takes the stress out of managing (and measuring!) your business.

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