CEOs—needing to know more but reading less

The pressure on CEOs and business owners these days is immense. There are so many competing priorities and people constantly demanding their attention and time.

This makes business management one of the most time-poor professions.

Despite these pressures on their time, it’s still vital that business people keep up with what’s going on in their business and industry. They need a lot of information quickly. But how best to deliver this information to them?

In a recent survey of more than 350 CEOs, set out to establish how CEOs consume information. One key finding was something that I also hear repeatedly from business owners regardless of media type—information must be bite-sized, relevant and immediate.

Additionally, 70% indicated that they seldom read textual content online in full; instead, they scan this content for main points just to keep on top of things. (I hope they’re reading this!)

The survey also found that CEOs are becoming increasingly ‘information agnostic’. This means they care less and less about what format their information takes as long as it’s immediate and consumable.

I’m fascinated by findings like these because they accurately reflect my own experience as a CEO. They also reassure me that we were on the right track when we created Bizeo. What could be more immediate and consumable than a single indicator that lets business owners know that everything in their business is ok?

In some ways, it’s a ridiculously simple concept and yet, amazingly, noone has done it before! Noone has used a single indicator across dozens of systems to relay that one simple message.

It’s official. CEOs don’t want reports, dashboards, phone calls or information they have to chase—just time-saving reassurance.

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