Open Data

Last time I talked about Crowd sourced data, which is data produced by members of the community. While crowdsourcing is fantastic for some types of data collection, the reality is that most data sets are going to be developed by corporations, NGOs and government departments.

Of course the purpose of much of this data development is to provide a competitive edge, but there are exceptions. Many data sets developed are required for a particular purpose but are not core to a business’s operations.  These data sets may not be seen to offer any sort of additional advantage to the business but they might be of equal or even greater benefit to others.

Open data sets such as weather measurements and forecasts we are all familiar with.  They have profound impacts on our community and are easily accessible because they have been made to be so.  But what if you were sitting on a data set you had no particular need to keep private, and you felt others might also find it useful?  How do you publish that data quickly, easily and cheaply?

Open data sets offer great opportunities but there is often a barrier with getting open data out to the community in real time and in a usable format.

This is something the Bizeo team have been tackling for some time now.

There are already examples of this work like our Qld Government package which provides oceanographic and air quality data available to Bizeo users right now. Over the next few months, the Bizeo Open Data Initiative will be expanded.  We will be allowing any Bizeo user to make any data set they have in their own Bizeo account available to the community of Bizeo users.

With this initiative Bizeo wants to help organisations who are sitting on data sets get that data out into the community.  So whether you are a NGO wanting to keep supporters up to date with some vital statistics, a corporation wanting to make public their environmental performance data, or a council wanting to get tidal information out, our open data initiative will make it easier than ever.

To find out more contact the team at Bizeo and keep an eye on this blog.

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