The Power of Simplicity

I have always been a fan of elegant designs. A beautifully crafted item can not only be more aesthetically pleasing, it often ends up being more functional as well. Perhaps the most powerful effect of elegant simplicity is that it makes an item accessible to a larger audience, often for the first time.

What do I mean by this?

Computers became accessible to many people in the mid-seventies but they used command driven textual interfaces. Your average user had no chance of deciphering the complex sets of commands necessary to make a computer usable. The advent of graphical user interfaces not only made these machines more functional, it made them accessible to a far greater audience.

The iPod is another great example. Granted it wasn’t the first or arguably the most functional portable digital music player available but prior to the iPod, users had to download music files on to their computer and copy those files manually to their music player. By combining the iPod with iTunes, Apple eliminated these steps and made the process simple, thereby tapping a far greater audience and making portable digital music accessible to most for the first time.

This principle is the same one that drives Bizeo’s design. We believe that there is value in not only providing business owners with the data and metrics they want but it must be done in a beautifully simple way.

Yes, some business owners will tell you proudly of the days when they had their first Apple II or were first amongst their friends to have an mp3 player but the majority of business owners aren’t as focused on technology. They just want simple, powerful tools that will help them make better decisions when running their business.

That is what Bizeo does.

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