One Minute With Mike – What to Watch


What to Watch

I have a lot of people ask me, ‘What should I monitor with Bizeo?’

The simple answer is just about everything.

I use Bizeo to monitor everything from my accounts and my IT infrastructure, I use it to monitor how my customers are performing and how the products we deliver them go.

I use it to monitor how external influences such as economic indexes are performing, I use it to monitor things like the weather. I can see for example when it is snowing in Chicago which is where my girlfriend lives, little things like that. Bizeo lets me know just about everything about the world that might influence me or my personal life.

Don’t be restricted just to business items as well, you can also monitor things like your weight or blood pressure. A lot of time business owners forget about themselves, watch those things as well.

Look after yourself with Bizeo.

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