One Minute With Mike – Franchises



I often get asked what sort of business Bizeo is ideal for and the short answer is just about anything. What I find is the more complex a business environment is the better Bizeo can add value because what it does is simplify things.

So, picture for example a franchisee who might own a few franchises. They have multiple individual businesses they have to monitor and then there is franchisor who might have to monitor hundreds or even thousands of franchises.

Bizeo can monitor individual stores, groups of stores, it can pass all of the data up to the franchisor so they can see how individual stores are operating and take action if some are not performing as well as they hoped. They can then summarise data and then pass summary data back to the franchises so they can see how they’re performing against the group average.

Bizeo makes this sort of complex process really simple.

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