One Minute With Mike – Reports



Sometimes when I’m showing what Bizeo can do one of the examples I use is the debtors KPI. With it I can keep track of how many outstanding debtors we have. It is quite natural for the next question to be ‘how can I get a list of those debtors?’

Well the short answer is, that is not what Bizeo does. What Bizeo does is monitors all of the metrics across an entire business and lets you know if something goes wrong. You can always go to your accounting system and get your list of debtors and you can go to Google Analytics if you want to see stuff about your website or you can go to your CRM system, you can always get reports out of those systems.

As a business owner or CEO, usually what I do when handed a report is go to the last page and look at the numbers at the bottom. My next question is ‘are they higher or lower than last time, i.e. what is the trend – and should I be worried about those numbers?

That’s what Bizeo does, it answers those questions and lets you get on with business.

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