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One Minute With Mike – How Many KPIs?


How many KPIs?

People often ask us how many KPIs a business should monitor. Recently I met a business advisor and he was very proud of the fact that he had taken one of his clients from 30 KPIs down to just 5 and my first thought was ‘what have they just taken their eyes off?’

The thing with KPIs is that each one generally involves some degree of overhead, so somebody has to continuously calculate the KPI and report it. Bizeo eliminates that step so you can have hundreds of KPIs with no additional effort. So why wouldn’t you monitor every aspect of your business?

You might be the CEO of a large organisation and yet you’re still responsible for things like the website going down or if there is an OH&S breach or if the debtors get out of hand. Those are all your responsibility as well.

If there is no overhead associated with monitoring these things why not let Bizeo do it for you?

One Minute With Mike – Kids



If you’ve got kids you probably spend a fair amount of your time wondering about how well they’re doing and worrying about things going wrong. The things is, we do the same with our businesses. The irony is that we worry so much about wanting to do well in our businesses to support our children that we spend a lot of time away from our children.

One of the beautiful things about Bizeo is it goes a long way towards giving you some of that time back. It can monitor parts of your business operations for you so that you don’t have to keep running around checking on things.

When you go on holidays you don’t have to keep phoning the office to make sure things are okay or to find out how things have gone. When you go home at night you can relax and spend some time with them without stressing out and that’s a great thing.


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